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Football Summer Camps

Session 1 – June 12-15

Session 2 – July 10-13

Grades K-8

Registration Link: Football Camp

Our Seniors ...

Head Coach - Richie Rode

Coach Richie Rode began his high school coaching career in 2003 as the Offensive Coordinator at Fort Myers High School, and was there for 12 seasons before accepting a job with his alma mater, Cypress Lake, in 2016. Over his five seasons at Cypress Lake, Rode compiled a winning record and led the Panthers to their first district title in 24 years during the 2019 campaign.


So far in Coach Rode's first two seasons as head coach, the Vikings have had back to back winning seasons, with a Division Championship coming this year (2022). Coach Rode's leadership and bond with the athletes has made an immediate and lasting impact, growing into a year-round program. He has coached many athletes that later went on to compete at the collegiate level, and looks to do the same here at Verot.


Rode's wife, Stephanie, is a Verot grad and works in the Diocese of Venice, and his children are in the Diocese school system. During the week, Coach Rode teachers AP Macro Economics at Verot.


Josh Vogelbach
Varsity Offensive Coordinator
Dave Villegas
Defensive Coordinator
James Nicholson
Assistant Coach
Jackson Market
Assistant Coach
Martin Byrd
Assistant Coach
Brett Barry
Assistant Coach
Rod Gadsen
Assistant Coach
Viktor Beach
Assistant Coach
Brent Stevens
Assistant Coach
Dave Manzi
Assistant Coach
1 Watts Charles 11 WR/DB
3 Gadson Ryan 11 WR/DB
4 Watts Trevantay 12 WR/DB
6 Dean Jeremiah 11 LB/RB
7 Turner Matthew 11 WR/DB
8 Lee Anthony 12 WR/DB
9 Smith Carter 10 QB
10 Caldwell Greg 11 WR/DB
11 Bowe Riley 12 LB
12 Turner Parker 11 DB
14 Jenkins DeShon 9 RB/LB
15 Camron Deaglan 12 K
16 Lawson Timmy 11 TE
17 Zehnder Mason 10 QB
18 Janeway Jack 11 LB/QB
20 Anderson Micah 9 LB/RB
22 Rode Justin 9 DB
23 Rodriguez Jake 10 DB
24 Thompson MacRae 9 LB/RB
26 Leckler Bobby 10 RB/DB
27 Kolaczynski Ty 10 LB/RB
28 Alviar Fidel 12 RB/LB
29 Hall Preston 12 WR/DB
33 Avin Eric 11 LB
44 Kelly Tyler 12 DL
45 Brady Gavin 10 LB
51 Rose Jimmy 12 OL/DL
54 Hendry Ralph 11 OL/DL
55 Camron Dwyer 9 OL/DL
56 Tokotaha Sonny 10 OL/DL
59 Cooper Michael 12 OL/DL
62 Nolan Eddie 11 OL/DL
64 Leckler Frankie    
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